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Here, you can explore testimonials from BGA business school members worldwide sharing their experiences with the BGA membership service. Gain insights into how our institutional members have benefited from being part of the BGA network. For a more comprehensive understanding of the transformative influence of BGA accreditation on business schools, delve into our case studies.

May 2024

UCU Business School, Universidad Católica del Uruguay

UCU Business School

'Since the pivotal beginning of the UCU Business School (UCUBS), we set to become the business school of reference in Uruguay with international projection. Much of this vision is attained to the role of achieving the milestone of being dual accredited by BGA & AMBA in 2023. We are proud to be part of this network that is highly committed with the role that business schools have in the world. Being accredited gave us a useful approach of the impact framework, methodologies, analysis and continuous improvement that our school needs to have from the curriculum building and faculty to management and staff members. BGA & AMBA´s supportive comments enlighten us on our decision-making process regarding changes in curriculum, class diagram and the construction of a renewed MBA programme. Another important thing that we would like to remark is that by being part of this community we were able to access diverse services such as online workshops by the Career Development Centre. We specially thank BGA for the opportunity and quality of standards that improve our relation with stakeholders and our community.'

May 2024

College of Business and Economics, Qatar University


'Being part of BGA has been an invaluable asset for the College of Business and Economics at Qatar University. It is not just about prestige; it is about the opportunities it brings. Through BGA, we have connected with a vast network of programs worldwide, enriching both our regional and global presence. Attending BGA workshops has empowered our faculty to share insights and forge connections that enhance our collective expertise. Our students also reap the rewards by accessing exclusive resources that complement their academic journey. We are eager to further our collaboration and unlock further possibilities through our BGA membership.'

February 2024

Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business, Kazakhstan


'The Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business is proud to be a BGA and AMBA accredited business school. The BGA membership has allowed our school to connect with a wider network of programs regionally and globally, and our joint accreditation ensures our school maintains excellent standards, especially in a less recognised region like Kazakhstan. Attending BGA and AMBA conferences and workshops also provides opportunities for our faculty and staff to develop their professional knowledge, share our expertise and experiences, and expand our professional networks. Our students also benefit from BGA membership through access to exclusive resources, particularly the online Career Development Centre. As a small business school, the BGA learning resources provide additional assistance to our students for their own professional development. We are excited about our continued engagement with BGA and AMBA and their support and guidance in improving our school’s responsible management practices, and quality, in management education.'

March 2022

University of Lagos Business School, Nigeria


'From the inception of the University of Lagos Business School (ULBS), we recognised the pivotal role BGA could play in improving our Business School and its programmes. When I was appointed as Coordinator of the EMBA programme of the School, I travelled from Nigeria to the headquarters of BGA, met with the Director of Operations (AMBA & BGA) and some members of his team and sought to know the standard expected of Ivy Business Schools and top MBA programmes. The advice I received, our subsequent membership of BGA, the 2020 Accreditation Forum and the 2021 Global Conference I attended have contributed immensely to the progress of our Business School and the MBA programme in particular. Our student enrolment has been rising year on year, and we now have international students.'

April 2022

Nebrija Business School, Spain


'As members of BGA, we have the benefit of conducting one Programme Consultancy Review per year. This review can relate to various aspects of the business school (MBA programme, marketing, admission process…). Last May, we decided to use this faculty and submitted our MBA to this process, which has proven to be very helpful to our business school. The sole fact of completing the data collection form offered by BGA is already very useful to approach the analysis, as it offers an extremely analytical and impact-driven framework. BGA’s response to our form was very detailed and, at the same time, very enlightening at a time of change for Nebrija Business School. As part of this renewal process, we have redefined the pillars on which our project rests: business fundamentals, business analytics, technology, and innovation, change management, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. All this is to align ourselves with the quality standards required by accreditation agencies and our stakeholders.'

May 2022

Acsenda School of Management, Canada


‘As a small, independent business school in Canada, we found the Programme Consultancy Review an excellent opportunity to receive expert feedback on a new degree program proposal. The insights provided an international perspective, which was helpful given the nature of our student body and our interest in providing a global perspective. From the review, we were able to identify areas that required greater clarification and improvement. As we prepared for our formal regulatory review, we found this very helpful. The supportive comments helped reinforce the decisions that we had made on the curriculum and overall program design. I want to thank the BGA for providing this great service.’

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College de Paris International, France

'Thanks to the networking made through BGA we were able to meet with one institution whose mission and values are aligned with ours and consequently signed an agreement with. We really appreciate the professionalism and commitment shown to us as members.'

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Rennes School of Business, France

‘The AMBA & BGA meetings for capacity building are great hubs for sharing experiences on timely topics for business education. The myriad of perspectives shared on the same topic brings a wealth of knowledge to the gathering. Fellow panellists are well versed in the topic and questions from the audience are relevant. Great initiative!’

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Athena School of Management, India

‘The AMBA/BGA conferences and events are some of the best places to meet and interact with fellow business school leaders. The speakers are outstanding with a breadth and depth of knowledge while the hospitality of the BGA team is superlative. With venues across the world – the conferences/events have been an immense opportunity!’

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Central University of Finance and Economics, China

'CUFE will provide continuous personal improvement and training for students and alumni, strengthening exchanges and cooperation with members of BGA to promote mutual learning and growth. In turn, CUFE will contribute to the development of the BGA Association.'

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AUC School of Business, Egypt

'I appreciate the space afforded to us by BGA and AMBA to speak freely about issues with current business education.'

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City University of Macau, China

‘The process of BGA accreditation offers a framework for the faculty to further develop the concurrent programs and enhance an ongoing commitment to quality.’

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Warwick Business School, UK

'I attended a very interesting and intellectually stimulating workshop today which was organised by BGA and AMBA. I learned so much about leveraging VR and simulation technologies. I take with me the insights that will be very useful for strategic decision making for programmes and modules that I am going to teach next year.'

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