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BGA Membership

Consultancy and Capacity Building for Business Schools

Today’s rapidly evolving business environment requires business schools to be agile and innovative. With BGA membership, business schools receive some of the most sought-after advice, mentorship and resources to enhance and develop the quality of their institution, promote uncompromising values of responsible management, and be at the forefront of innovative education.

Whether your business school is on the path to becoming a validated or fully accredited business school, or is simply looking to further enhance its programmes, BGA’s consultancy and capacity building services are there to support your institution’s growth.


School/programme consultancy review that identify key areas to improve, enhance, and innovate

A school/programme consultancy review is an evaluation of a select aspect of your business school, such as your current marketing and admissions strategy, or a current undergraduate or MBA programme. It thoroughly reviews everything against AMBA or BGA accreditation criteria, industry best practice, and industry trends. It also comes with specific recommendations on what your business school can do to improve against each criteria. Following the completion of a school/programme consultancy review, members can schedule a video or phone call with a BGA representative to follow up with comments on how to achieve the recommended changes.

Our school/programme consultancy reviews are handled directly by our academic consultants who carry decades of experience consulting and accrediting business schools around the world.

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A personalised BGA mentorship programme that provides distinctive guidance

With an added fee, business schools can leverage a unique network of mentors, all current or former deans, at well-established institutions. The mentorship programme can be started after the completion of a desktop review, which highlights areas of needed improvement. The BGA mentorship programme allows business schools to:

  1. Learn from experienced and highly-qualified business school professionals who can share their knowledge on how to further your business school’s ambitions
  2. Develop new skills and acquire valuable information for faculty and staff
  3. Establish a 12-month strategic plan with the help of the mentor
  4. Expand their networks by connecting to the mentor and any other relevant parties
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Monthly webinars on how to increase business school performance

The webinars presented by thought-leading educational and business professionals from around the world, focus on how the business school can enhance its strategy in several areas such as marketing and recruitment of students, building supportive and powerful alumni networks, and incorporating groundbreaking teaching methods.

Webinars run on a monthly basis and are available to all your faculty and professional staff. And, don’t worry, if you miss a webinar, they are all archived in the exclusive membership portal and can be accessed at any time.

Research and benchmark data to give business schools an edge

Quality research can give a business school insight into developing market trends, allowing it to adapt and thrive.

BGA is committed to providing its business school members with top-quality research that aims to identify key market trends, challenges and opportunities.

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