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BGA Membership

A membership designed to enhance, support and develop business schools around the globe

The benefits of a business school membership are tailored to give institutions the tools they need to gain a competitive advantage and leading edge.

BGA believes that business schools should innovate and venture beyond conventional means of teaching and research. This is reflected in the services delivered to BGA’s member institutions.

Premium services built for business schools


School/Programme Consultancy Review

BGA accreditation offers consultation services designed to support business schools in improving against areas that require attention.

The School/Programme Consultancy Review is a complimentary service that offers an in-depth analysis of a chosen programme or aspect of the business school. These include alumni/career services, marketing admissions strategies, lifelong learning initiatives, or overall school strategy.

It can also align a programme, such as the MBA, against either AMBA or business school accreditation criteria. schools can use the consultancy review for an aspect of their school, or a specific programme, once a year.


By signing the BGA Charter and joining BGA, schools within the network become part of a shared commitment to promote responsible management, positive impact and lifelong learning.

Member institutions join an exclusive network of ambitious business schools. As a result, they can enjoy facilitated networking opportunities, both online and face-to-face. Representatives of BGA schools can engage with other business school members that share similar goals and aspirations. In addition, member institutions can receive a discount of up to 40% on all AMBA & BGA conferences and have free access to capacity-building workshops and webinars.

BGA’s networking services can support internationalisation efforts, student and faculty exchanges, and inspire the launch of joint programmes. Many business schools within the network have found great value in the opportunities provided to them as part of the BGA membership.

Business Impact Magazines

Thought Leadership

As a movement dedicated to improving business education standards globally, we conduct research on topics that inspire business school professionals. Leaders, professionals and faculty of BGA member institutions gain exclusive access to BGA’s thought leadership articles, which feature contributions from experts in business and business education.

BGA strives to educate association members through a successful PR outreach strategy. Additionally, our international magazine and online publications can help business school members raise awareness of their achievements. This could include the promotion of research initiatives or invitations to contribute to BGA’s online and print magazine, which is circulated to thousands of business school leaders globally.

Free Student Membership

BGA’s membership platform for students and graduates has been designed from the ground up, giving members exclusive access to CV-building services, job search tools, skill assessments, thought-leadership, partner discounts and much more.

As a business school member, all of your students will receive complimentary access to BGA’s bespoke Career Development Centre, thought leadership, competitions, and much more.

Are you interested in becoming a BGA member or want to learn more about BGA membership?

Looking to Become a Member?

Discover if your business school is eligible for BGA membership, understand the applicable fees, and proceed with the necessary steps to join the BGA network.

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