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Graduate School of Business and School of Hospitality and Tourism, Almaty Management University

Advancing our University Reputation, Positioning, and Networking

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Our achievement that we value much is the joint AMBA & BGA (2021-2026) accreditation of two Schools: Graduate School of Business and School of Hospitality and Tourism.

The Business School Challenge

“Any accreditation is a great tool for self-audit. The self-evaluation that AlmaU undergoes to prepare for the accreditation process and in the following accredited years enables our understanding of where we are in both the global and local market as far as accreditation is concerned – and of how well we align our activities with the international benchmark. To stay competitive and innovative and to either follow the latest business education trends or even lead in these trends, AlmaU is always seeking development in quality enhancement and internationalization through our accreditations.

AlmaU has various inner processes for quality management and control, as well as several different types of external audits, including the national and international accreditations that we apply for. These help to evaluate our institutional and programmatic strengths, and address any weaknesses and problems. We view our joint AMBA & BGA accreditation of two of our schools (Graduate School of Business and School of Hospitality and Tourism) as a great achievement and one that we value highly.

As we are in a period of growth in terms of our program portfolio and subject area expansion, the AlmaU Schools create and launch new programs in new subject areas regularly. The primary challenges the school needs to consider for its program portfolio include general competitiveness, best practices, international standards, and a strategy for continuous improvement. The services offered by AMBA & BGA as part of their accreditation process align perfectly with these growth strategies.

Solutions From BGA

The BGA accreditation for AlmaU is a continuous process of alignment and compliance with international quality standards. We believe that BGA: has practical relevance for the university to shape its activities for the good of business and society; creates a pool of international business schools united in the aspiration of being among the best; motivates us for continuous enhancement, positioning for the future, and innovation; helps to demonstrate our strong commitment to responsible corporate and social governance and positive leadership practices; supports institutional reinvention through continuous self-improvement and innovation.

Moreover, the merged processes of AMBA & BGA accreditations made it possible for AlmaU to use our budget wisely, but also to save time and increase the team’s efficiency and effectiveness while undergoing two accreditations at once.

The BGA accreditation guided the AlmaU schools to implement positive improvements to the relevant programs and course learning outcomes, in line with the business school’s mission and vision. Moreover, in accordance with the recommendations made by the assessors, we have been able to begin the process of incorporating the responsible management concept relevant to the definitions of the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Additionally, the BGA experts recommended organizing our program and curriculum review process in a formalized, cyclical manner and to increase the input from external stakeholders to ensure ongoing currency and relevance. Following the recommendation, in 2022 all the programs’ curricula at Bachelor and Masters level was reviewed and updated. Also, the schools now incorporate impact metrics in their development plans that are supported by explicit action plans and are appropriately resourced.

The Impact

BGA accreditation has endorsed the Graduate School of Business’s status as the leading business school and major provider of MBA programs in the region of Central Asia. In addition, the accreditation supported the Graduate School of Business in launching a new partnership with Antwerp Management School.

For the School of Hospitality and Tourism, this was the first serious achievement in the field of accreditations. It opened new perspectives for the school and now more international partners recognize it and consider it a valuable partner. The school is already engaging in international partnership with prominent hospitality schools around the world (including Swiss Hotel Management School, Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland, and Hotel Institute Montreux).

BGA accreditation helps us to assess the institution’s market position both locally and especially globally, to run academic and non-academic activity which follows trends and challenges for continuous improvement. The re-accreditation processes encourage and stimulate AlmaU to support and integrate best standards on all levels of governance and academic affairs. It provides consultancy in key areas such as consistency, strategic development, and quality of educational processes. The two accredited schools of AlmaU hope to grow with BGA accreditation, with a long-term strategic vision of becoming a globally recognized university excelling in teaching, learning, research by 2030.

The BGA accreditation is also a tool for enhancing and advancing the university’s reputation, positioning, and networking. Standing in line with the world’s prominent institutions highlights the strengths of AlmaU and raises the visibility of its impact.

Undoubtedly, the BGA accreditation has made positive change for AlmaU in the sense that it put us in order, made us consider and find a rationale for our numerous activities related to social responsibility and third mission.

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